Public Relations

Bussler & Co is a New York PR firm offering meticulously designed media relations strategies, having published books and placed tier 1 outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Associated Press, MarketWatch, and more.

We provide release drafting and distribution, media relations and outreach, event coordination, speaking opportunities, crisis planning, prestigious award listings, and print features.

See our team and media case studies below. A quick overview of some of our work:

‣ 1,000+ published articles across VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Hacker Noon, and more

‣ Author of AI-Powered Commerce, a Packt-published book

‣ Medium content with 300,000+ views

‣ Top Writers on Medium

‣ 5,000,000+ views and 23,000+ followers on LinkedIn

‣ 22x speaking engagements including Fortune 50 keynote

‣ Most read authors with 2 of 35 featured stories on Hacker Noon

‣ Among Most Retweeted, Most Favorited, and Most Viewed content on KDnuggets

If you need a New York PR firm that can get you on Tier 1 media outlets, contact us today.

Meet the experts

Frederik Bussler
Alan Simon
Video and Social Media Expert
Joey Bertschler
Associate Partner
Valerias Bangert
Media Expert

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