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Marketing a fintech startup from seed to $9 million fundraise; with 26X growth in domain authority

How we helped Gridline

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When Bussler first started working with fintech startup Gridline, their domain authority languished at just 1. With practically zero backlinks, establishing credibility was essential to support their growth trajectory.

Leveraging deep expertise in content and links, Bussler implemented an integrated strategy to rapidly enhance Gridline's visibility and trust signals. Bussler authored dozens of high-quality articles showcasing Gridine's fintech thought leadership. Topics were targeted to attract prospective partners and demonstrate expertise.

Securing features in outlets like these drove immediate visibility gains:

Bussler leveraged relationships with top fintech journalists to highlight Gridline's solution. These helped generate hundreds of backlinks as readers shared them on social media and other websites.

Within a few months, Gridline's domain authority grew 26x - from 1 to 26. Their progress significantly outpaced competitors, with Bussler's efforts propelling Gridline to #1 ranking for several high-value keywords.

Alongside a rapid growth in domain authority, Gridline experienced a roughly 150-fold growth in backlinks, from near-zero to over 300 high-quality backlinks.

The increased authority and visibility also drove tangible business results that supported their $9M funding round.

Key Results

  • DA increased 26x from 1 to 26 within a few months
  • Secured 350+ high-quality backlinks
  • Accelerated lead gen and sales cycle through stronger branding
  • Supported successful $9M Series A funding round
I would highly recommend any looking to build out content, demand generation strategies and public relations to work with Bussler.
Lynn Perry Sanchez
VP of Marketing and Alliances

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