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NY marketing and PR firm with a twist. We're a tight-knit team of 4 data-driven marketers, hailing from OpenAI, HubSpot, and the VC world to bring a scientific approach to our campaigns.

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Bussler & Co is the trusted marketing partner of Fortune 500 firms and startups alike.

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“Considerable value in terms of content and connections.”

– Nick Hill, CA(SA) CFA. Fintech and Corporate Finance Specialist.

“A gusto that I have never seen before... Our domain score increased by 50%.”

– Shanif Dhanani, Co-Founder and CEO Apteo

“Consistently delivered thoughtful and well-researched content that resonated with our readers.”

“Extremely knowledgeable, fast and excellent to work with. Highly recommend.”

– Ameer Rosic, BlockGeeks

“Frederik Bussler was a pleasure to work with and was a true leader with an unmatched work ethic.”

“It's always comfortable working together, as I know that I will receive the best results.”

“Frederik Bussler is a true professional when it comes to content development and inbound marketing.”

Young. Bold. Energetic.

We're not here to do the "same old thing." We're here to bring diverse, state-of-the-art perspectives.

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