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Increasing an analytics startup's domain score by 50% through award-winning content

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Apteo presented a unique challenge. Their AI-powered personalization engine offered immense value. But operating in a complex, technical niche meant limited visibility with buyers. Most content in the martech space appeals to engineers first. While crucial, this overlooks decision-makers focused on business outcomes. With countless competitors publishing similar technical articles, breaking through the noise would require a creative content approach.

Bussler advised leading with the business impact of Apteo's technology. They developed an integrated strategy:

  • Long-form posts explaining the revenue potential of AI technology.
  • Shorter, engaging stories on a variety of use-cases.
  • Thought leadership on the future of AI curated for industry outlets.

Over 5 months, Bussler authored over 20 tactical articles published through Apteo's blog and media sites like Hacker Noon and Thrive Global. Each piece balanced technical insights with compelling storytelling. The content attracted and educated high-level prospects. By demonstrating niche expertise beyond engineering, Apteo's domain authority increased by over 50%.

Several viral and award-winning stories

Several of these pieces went viral and achieved public recognition. One article analyzed the 2020 US Presidential Election using and featuring Apteo's platform. This article was then featured as 1 of the 35 top Hacker Noon stories of the year. Hacker Noon is a leading tech publication with over 45,000 contributors and hundreds of millions of readers. P.S. To this day, Bussler's writing continues to win contests and awards on Hacker Noon, such as a recent AI writing contest.

Another story featuring Apteo, on the top Kaggle alternatives, was shared by KDnuggets, and noted as their "most retweeted, most favorited, and most viewed" content. KDnuggets is a popular data science publication with over 1 million unique monthly readers.

Bussler also wrote several stories, including a viral article linking to Apteo that got over 300,000 reads.

Key points

  • Apteo needed to increase visibility and leads despite intense martech competition.
  • Bussler leveraged creative content marketing focused on business education over just tech specs.
  • Authoring 20+ articles, Bussler grew Apteo's domain score 50%+ over 5 months.
  • Strategic storytelling also pre-qualified and converted leads for sales teams.
"We saw our domain score increase by 50% during the time Bussler was publishing content for us... great at growth marketing all around."
Shanif Dhanani

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