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Earning top-tier legacy media placements for a crypto wallet

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As an emerging player in the crowded Web3 space, Martian Wallet faced a considerable challenge - minimal brand visibility and trust among mainstream business audiences. While hype abounds in crypto media, many traditional outlets remain skeptical of decentralized finance. Their strict editorial standards present hurdles for unknown blockchain brands.

However, authoritative media validation was essential for driving adoption of Martian's user-friendly crypto wallet. We implemented an integrated PR strategy focused on Tier 1 business and tech publications.

Leveraging years of expertise cultivating journalist relationships, we secured interviews, guest articles, and product features at outlets including:

These strategic placements conveyed Martian's credibility and value proposition to mainstream audiences. The earned media coverage achieved what targeted crypto ads couldn't - broad visibility and third-party endorsement. We overcame inherent mainstream skepticism through an integrated PR campaign.

While hype characterizes much crypto PR, our strategic approach won over respected yet discerning business journalists and editors. The results proved that even decentralized brands can earn serious mainstream visibility.

"Frederik Bussler is a standout professional with an impressive network of top-tier media companies."
Utkarsh Sinha
Co-Founder at Martian

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