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Growing a cybersecurity platform's domain authority 600% after a decade of low visibility

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The innovative device identification platform, Fingerprint, founded in 2012, struggled to gain visibility for 10 years. Despite game-changing technology, they failed to rank for their core keywords. Fingerprint's domain authority meandered near the single digits. Without authority signals, their groundbreaking solutions went overlooked.

That all changed when Bussler joined hands with Fingerprint in 2022. At the time, Fingerprint's domain authority was just 8 out of 100. High-value keywords didn't even crack page 10 in Google.

Through relentless research, Bussler identified key high-value topics Fingerprint's audience cared about, ranging from AI fraud to account sharing and cryptocurrency scams. Bussler crafted 7 authoritative guides, over 5,000 words each, optimized to rank for these topics. The in-depth content positioned Fingerprint as leaders in fraud prevention. Pairing interesting narratives with technically perfect SEO content, Fingerprint's domain authority increased a staggering 600% in 2022.

Today Fingerprint enjoys a domain authority of 56, having left their competitors in the dust. These guides now rank page one, or even first place, driving tremendous organic traffic. Below, we see Fingerprint ranking #1 for "LLM fraud," as of September 2023.

And below, we see Fingerprint rank #3 on page 1 for "peer to peer fraud," beating the likes of the American Bankers Associated, EY, and thousands of other reports.

Even Bussler's guides written over a year ago on highly-competitive keywords, like "account sharing prevention," which dozens of businesses vie to rank for, continue to rank near the top of page 1.

In their 2022 fiscal year, Fingerprint's new marketing tactics translated to business results, with:

  • Tripled revenue with 220% YOY growth
  • Doubled customer count to 14,000+
  • Averaged over 1 billion monthly API calls

Bussler's marketing work catalyzed Fingerprint's growth. Their dominance of fraud-related SEO now drives leads and sales daily. Fingerprint finally gained the authority they deserved. And now they have the customer growth metrics to prove it.

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