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Booking 72 meetings with US-based executives in 1 month, generating $1.2 million in pipeline

How we're growing a multi-million-dollar business from scratch

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As a marketing agency, many of our clients are firms that struggle to generate outbound leads. Executives try hiring sales teams but face challenges:

  • Can't find, retain or motivate top sales talent
  • Most hires don't perform and waste resources
  • Negative ROI 8 times out of 10

At Bussler & Co, however, we effortlessly generate high-quality leads that are ready to buy. In October 2023 alone, we booked 72 meetings with extremely hot, qualified leads interested in Bussler & Co's services.

Now, we've decided to expand our offerings and make our internal lead generation system accessible to those who need it. We'll deliver you predictable revenue without the headaches of managing an in-house SDR team.

Our in-house campaign generated over $1.2 million in qualified pipeline in lifetime value and $200,000 in monthly pipeline in October 2023. That's equal to the work of an entire team of full-time A-player SDRs, all achieved through our proprietary outreach mechanisms.

This incredible solution is available exclusively to Bussler & Co's clients.

The challenge

The data shows that success on LinkedIn is shockingly difficult (email is even worse):

  • Invite / click-to-lead conversion rate: 9.23%
  • Lead-to-opportunity conversion rate: 2.63%

Multiplying these two odds, we see that that the probability of an invite becoming an opportunity, or a booked call, is about 0.24% (9.23% * 2.63%). That means it'll take about 411 invites to get a single qualified opportunity from LinkedIn, which is right around the maximum number of invites you can send in a month.

From our clients' experience before they come to us, that checks out: They typically get ~1 qualified opportunity per month from LinkedIn. Some try to throw more money and hours at the problem, hiring extra salespeople, blowing up their OpEx to get a few more calls every month.

Now let's do the math on what it takes, on average, to get 72 calls from LinkedIn: 72 / 0.00242749 = 29,660.

You'd need to send 29,660 invites, on average, to get 72 qualified opportunities. If you send 100 invites a week, it'll take nearly 6 years to book 72 qualified opportunities from 1 account. It would be a waste of time and resources, plus it relies on blasting messages. It would drive a sane man to the edge.

We accomplished in 4 weeks what would normally take 6 years.

Our innovative solution

We did this with our 3-step solution:

  1. Better targeting and personalization to get much better conversion numbers. We use our "lookalike" engine to find leads that look like your current and past clients.
  2. Then, we create personalized, targeted outreach at scale, using your case studies to book demos with your ideal customers.
  3. We use several accounts to be able to send more than 100 invites a week.

How did we build this solution? With an incredible team of former OpenAI and HubSpot professionals. We've developed and refined these tactics over years of testing to be custom, strategic, and extremely effective. We take clients directly to the promised land of ROI with our approach.

We don't spam or take a spray-and-pray approach. Our targeting is surgical and our messaging personal. We focus on showing value upfront through case studies, market research, and positioning ourselves as a trusted advisor.

This enables us to connect with the highest-level decision makers and pique their interest instantly. We book meetings at insane rates through just a few touchpoints.

The proof is in the sheer amount of qualified leads and revenue generated. And all that, with only a tiny fraction of our full potential - as we're not yet in a position to scale enormously, fulfillment-wise.

Just imagine if we went full throttle. We could easily 10x these results using our proven framework.

The takeaway? Our methods flat-out work. We generate real ROI and profit for ourselves, and we can do the same for your business. Don't take our word for it - see the proof in our own supercharged lead generation. In just one month, we created a snowball effect that will rapidly scale our business from scratch into the multi-millions.

Let’s help your brand win.