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Driving growth from seed to $4.7 million Series A for an AI startup

How we helped Obviously.AI

When Bussler first started working with Obviously.AI, the startup was still refining its core offering. Having pivoted from natural language processing, their data science platform showed promise but lacked satisfactory market traction.

Bussler saw the potential for Obviously.AI to disrupt the space. But the crowded AI landscape meant they needed an aggressive growth strategy to stand out. A targeted content campaign was needed to capture high-value keywords and demonstrate thought leadership.

To rapidly build awareness and interest, Bussler authored over 60 guest posts, case studies, and comparison articles for Obviously.AI. Topics spanned from no-code tutorials to head-to-head platform comparisons.

In parallel, Bussler fostered partnerships with prominent no-code platforms like UserGuiding and Airtable. These co-marketing initiatives amplified Obviously.AI's reach while validating their positioning.

Within months, Obviously.AI rose to the #1 ranking for "no-code data science." Traffic and leads surged. When their Series A rolled around, Bussler's content marketing efforts had positioned them as leaders. Obviously.AI raised $4.7M.

  • At the seed stage, Obviously.AI needed to enhance visibility and interest to drive their Series A raise.
  • Bussler advised positioning as a no-code leader through high-impact content marketing.
  • Authoring 60+ articles, Bussler helped Obviously.AI gain 340k+ organic views.
  • They secured #1 ranking for "no-code data science” and 4.7M raise.
"A wealth of knowledge in marketing, content, SEO, SEM, etc. ... [Bussler's] work included writing several blog articles, authoring eBooks, launching a no-code AI course and building partnerships with companies like Airtable, UserGuiding and NoCodeFamily."
Nirman Dave

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