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Creating 200+ content assets for a Web3 marketing agency

How we helped Howl XYZ is a leading web3 marketing agency working with some of the most innovative companies in blockchain technology, crypto, and web3. As a skilled writer and content creator with experience in emerging tech and blockchain, Bussler & Co was brought on to rapidly produce a high volume of marketing content assets for's clients.

Over the course of our engagement, Bussler & Co created over 200 long-form blog posts, bylines, and other thought leadership content for clients including CoinTracker, Smart Token Labs, Quantum Temple, Fantom, HiFi, DewDrops, CoinBase, NewText, Vyvo Smart Chain, PlanetQuest, Credora, among many others.

The content spanned a wide range of topics relevant to's web3 client base, including cryptocurrency tutorials, NFT guides, metaverse insights, crypto regulation analysis, blockchain technology explainers, DeFi resources, and more. Bussler & Co worked closely with the team to ensure the content met their specific goals and represented their brand voice.

Despite the high volume, Bussler & Co delivered premium quality content that provided value to readers and positioned's clients as subject matter experts. Our ability to rapidly research and produce web3-focused content enabled to scale their content marketing efforts and provide ongoing value to their growing client base in the competitive blockchain space.

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