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Reducing the publishing timeline by 70% for an AI book launch

How we helped Commerce.AI

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In the world of high-ticket B2B software, thought leadership serves as a substantial differentiator. Commerce.AI, which works largely with multinational corporations, needed to build trust and authority with potential leads.

Bussler & Co endeavored to escalate Commerce.AI's visibility and authority in the AI-commerce realm. In collaboration with Andy Pandharikar, CEO of Commerce.AI, a compelling narrative was brought into the market through a meticulously strategized book project, culminating in "AI-Powered Commerce: Building the Products and Services of the Future with Commerce.AI."


The traditional roadmap to publishing is a marathon, often stretching across 30 months (6-9 months of writing and a subsequent 2 years to publish). This protracted timeline could stifle timely knowledge dissemination, especially in a rapidly evolving field like AI-commerce.

Our strategy was as follows:

  1. Accelerated Manuscript Preparation: Through rigorous schedule adherence and efficient collaboration, the manuscript journey from conception to completion was condensed to a mere 6 months (June to November 2021).
  2. Expedited Publishing: The ensuing publishing saga, often a two-year long wait, was fast-tracked to just 3 months, with the book hitting the shelves in February 2022.

As a result, the entire journey, from the first stroke of pen to the palpable book, was accomplished in just 9 months, a dramatic 70% reduction in the typical 30-month publishing timeline.


This book, now held by the likes of Stanford University Libraries, brought tremendous benefits to Commerce.AI:

  1. Instant Authority: The rapidity in publishing allowed Andy and Commerce.AI to seize a timely market position, establishing them as thought leaders amidst a dynamic AI-commerce landscape.
  2. Marketing Impetus: The book metamorphosed into a potent marketing tool, orchestrating engaging conversations at events, conferences, and business meetings.
  3. Networking and Engagement: The accelerated publication facilitated prompt engagement with the industry, sparking dialogues that morphed into meaningful business connections and opportunities.

The project epitomizes a blend of timing, expertise, and strategic outreach, underscoring the impact of a meticulously crafted publishing venture in elevating brand authority and market engagement.

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