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Crafting an industry-leading fintech newsletter with a 40% open rate

How we helped AltFi

In the crowded landscape of fintech media, creating a newsletter that breaks through the noise is no small feat. That was the challenge Bussler embraced when brought on to transform AltFi's "The FinTech Insight."

As a renowned hub for alternative finance news, AltFi sought to expand its subscriber base and readership through its weekly newsletter. But stiff competition meant they needed compelling, original content that would resonate with fintech enthusiasts.

Leveraging deep finance industry expertise, Bussler committed to making The FinTech Insight a must-read resource for every reader. Each edition was meticulously crafted to provide fresh insights beyond the daily news cycle.

Bussler focused on exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes analysis, and thought-provoking commentary. This high-value, engaging content appealed to the sophisticated appetites of subscribers.

The approach drove consistent subscriber growth and an exceptional open rate over 40% - far exceeding the average for finance newsletters. The FinTech Insight became a trustworthy weekly habit for avid industry followers.

AltFi gained an efficient, scalable content marketing vehicle. And for sponsors and advertisers, partnering with The FinTech Insight provided direct access to their highly engaged niche audience.

  • AltFi sought to grow readership of The FinTech Insight newsletter in a crowded media space.
  • Bussler created exclusive, high-value content that resonated with fintech enthusiasts.
  • The newsletter saw consistent subscriber growth and 40%+ open rates.

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