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Digital transformation brings startup from obscurity to leadership

How we helped Gene Guard Detox

Gene Guard Detox is an innovative startup dedicated to developing probiotics that remove harmful toxins from the human body. Founded in 2019, they've performed extensive lab testing confirming the ability of new probiotic strains to bind to and reduce absorption of ubiquitous toxins like glyphosate and BPA.

Part 1: Brand modernization

However, its digital presence failed to convey their mission and credibility. The original website was essentially a black background with blocks of plain white text. For a company commercializing such advanced science, their online presence failed to convey legitimacy, innovation, or even competence, as seen below.

Gene Guard approached Bussler & Co, an award-winning NY marketing firm, to transform its digital identity, media relations, and sales. Bussler devised an interactive brand hub that establishes Gene Guard as a leader in scientific innovation while explaining its toxin-removing probiotics in simple terms. The below site was created with that vision in mind:

In addition, the original Gene Guard Detox investor and customer presentation was a cluttered, text-heavy PowerPoint deck containing 25 slides. The slides lacked visual appeal, relying on default templates, clashing colors, and generic clip art. Key information was buried in walls of text, making it difficult for potential investors to quickly grasp the company's value proposition.

The overall impression was of a dated, amateurish deck that failed to showcase the cutting-edge nature of Gene Guard's probiotic technology. An example slide is shown below.

Bussler & Co also overhauled Gene Guard's presentation, transforming it into a concise, punchy 9-slide deck that reflected the company's innovative brand identity. The new deck featured a sleek, modern design with a consistent color scheme, easy-to-read fonts, and high-quality visuals that brought Gene Guard's story to life. Example slides are shown below.

Part 2: Sales transformation

The new website and deck established Gene Guard as an upstart to watch in the postbiotics space. It also allowed us to launch successful sales initiatives with the proper foundation. Bussler & Co launched targeted outreach to food & beverage executives with our email partner, Smartlead.ai. Bussler & Co is a certified Smartlead expert thanks to our highly-effective campaigns.

Within days, we booked calls with F&B execs to discuss using Gene Guard Detox's new probiotics—something Gene Guard Detox struggled with for 5 years.

We heard back from firms like:

  • Uncle Matt's Organic
  • Alvarado Street Bakery
  • Canyon Coffee
  • Patons Macadamia
  • BERLINS food Inc.
  • Matcha.com
  • Deli Star Corporation
  • NutriOriginal
  • Zeki Tea
  • Cultured South Fermentation
  • CocoaFit
  • Mutombo Coffee
  • The Humble Seed
  • What's Crackin Cafe
  • First Step Beverage
  • Better Booch
  • PlantBaby
  • TIKO Global
  • Nom Noms World Food
  • Farm2Me
  • Boxed Water Is Better
  • Drinkable Co
  • Beauty Gourmet
  • Fernson Brewing Company
  • Helmans Group
  • Catapult Commercialization Services
  • ... and more.

With food and beverage leaders eagerly discussing the use of Gene Guard’s strains, they now have the potential to reach millions of environmentally-conscious shoppers looking to reduce toxin exposure. Executives in the F&B space are validating that Gene Guard offers something truly new and innovative. The possibilities are endless thanks to our strategic branding and outreach.

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